Versión en español más abajo. I started my yoga practice when I was 17. Six years after that I started my teacher training program in Chile. It was the first Iyengar Yoga teacher training program in the country and when our master José María Vigar –who was send directly by Mr. Iyengar to initiate theSigue leyendo “Transcendence”

Tadasana awareness.

Being aware of the way we distribute the weight on our feet is very important in all the standing postures and also teach us how to do it when we change and we are on our shoulders, forearms, head and hands. How can you see where you normally put the weight when you are standing?Sigue leyendo “Tadasana awareness.”

Garudasana: Some technical info.

Garudasana means Eagle posture, it´s also the name of the king of the birds. The vehicle of Visnu. The asana develops the ankles and remove stiffness in the shoulders. This is why it can be effective in cases of “muscle-contraction headaches” because it can release the muscle-tension in critical areas around the neck, shoulders andSigue leyendo “Garudasana: Some technical info.”

Rishikesh Relief

During the month of June, this year, floods and landslides devastated the northern region of Uttarakhand, India. Is in this region where we can find the holy city of Rishikesh, a city that has been define as the “the world capital of Yoga” and, also, as the “The Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas”, since it´sSigue leyendo “Rishikesh Relief”