About Yoga and being Lost.

Is not that I´m coming back over and over to the same subject but what happened is that in the apartment where we stayed in Berlin there was this big comic style poster on the wall that talked about Bataille, the Minotaur, mazes, being lost and the idea that we find ourselves not only becauseSigue leyendo “About Yoga and being Lost.”


Yoga helps us to connect ourselves with a place of calm and silence inside of us. Yoga is teaching us to be relaxed, to let go the tension even when we are in the middle of the big challenge that any asana represent. After that, we can let go the tension almost enywhere. Yoga, inSigue leyendo “Savasana.”

“Indian yoga is a solitary activity, with about as much glamour as brushing your teeth.”

Being in a certain place determines our experience of reality. In this case, the practice of Yoga in US, is not the same that practice it in Latin America, Europe, Scandinavia or –off course- India. As I see it, everyones knows -or expects- that,  in India -or for Indian people-, Yoga means something completely farSigue leyendo ““Indian yoga is a solitary activity, with about as much glamour as brushing your teeth.””

The impossible (or how to seek perfection in asana).

Last year, during a class I took with him in India, Prashant Iyengar talked about the tendency of some yoga practitioners/teachers to become obsessed with the instructions. I don´t know very much of how is this in other methods of yoga practice but, in Iyengar, it´s pretty easy to talk a lot about the physicalSigue leyendo “The impossible (or how to seek perfection in asana).”

Lord Patañjali

YOGENA CITTASYA PADENA VACAM MALAM SARIRASYACA VAIDYAKENA YOPAKAROTTAM PRAVARAM MUNINAM PATANJALIM PRANJALIRANATO’SMI ABAHU PURUSAKARAM SANKHA CAKRASI DHARINAM SAHASRA SIRASAM SVETAM PRANAMAMI PATANJALIM Translation: To the noblest of sages, Patanjali, who gave us yoga for serenity of mind, grammar for purity of speech and medicine for the perfection of body, I salute. First I honor PatanjaliSigue leyendo “Lord Patañjali”