Song of the Soul

I am neither ego nor reason, I am neither mind nor thought, I cannot be heard nor cast into words, nor by smell nor sight ever caught: In light and wind I am not found, nor yet in earth and sky – Consciousness and joy incarnate, Bliss of the Blissful am I.   I haveSigue leyendo “Song of the Soul”

Circadian rhythm sleep disorder or… Jet Lag.

Oh my God. I have not been able to sleep well since I came back from Chile. I think that I have been sleeping something around 10 hours in total during the last four days. I never had a Jet Lag like this before – and I can understand that idea that it´s easy toSigue leyendo “Circadian rhythm sleep disorder or… Jet Lag.”

The Unknown.

For many years, I thought that the unknown was something, a “place”, outside of me. Happily, everything changes. Yesterday, I came back from the 2013 National Iyengar Yoga Convention in Voiron, France. From Friday we were experiencing ourselves through the practice guided by the master of the ceremony: Zubin Zarthoshtimanesh who has been studying withSigue leyendo “The Unknown.”

Dream theory or What happened the night before I decided to become a Yoga Instructor.

I said this already: Dreams are very important for me. One night when I was a kid, my brother Sebastian was taking care of me and when I was about to fall asleep he said to me: -You know that some people say that they can prepare themselves for their dreams?… For example: What isSigue leyendo “Dream theory or What happened the night before I decided to become a Yoga Instructor.”

Travel and Gurus. Outside and Inside.

Some people say that traveling is not good for the spiritual practice. I´m thinking here in one verse (62) on The Hatha Yoga Pradipika and in some story that one friend told me about Prashantji (BKS Iyengar´s son) answering that for being a better yogi you must not travel, (I don´t know the context ofSigue leyendo “Travel and Gurus. Outside and Inside.”