Ahimsa: The journey of Love.

I guess it was during the first month of practice when my teacher talked about ahimsa.

What is this?

Is he talking about taking care of myself?

Treat me with love?

This new concept, this thing that my teacher was asking from me really blew my mind. It was something that no one -never ever- asked me to do before.

Raised in a catholic family, I knew a lot about the importance of taking care for others, feel compassion, “stand in the others feet”. But now there was this man asking me to turn it upside down. Outside in. From the others to myself.

A big journey started: A journey where I was, for the first time, aware of the feelings I felt about myself.

The thing that impressed me most was to actually see how violent I was with myself. How rude, impatient and extremely hard. It was during the hours of practice when I began to treat myself with tenderness, love and patience. In those moments I started to be warm with myself.

Slowly this little change in my point of view began to permeate all other aspects of my person.

I saw clearly, for example, how my idea of success changed outright. Now it had not to do with exceling, go faster than the others or winning something. Now success was just being there, aware of myself, feeling and taking care of myself, facing things at my own pace, being faithful to myself. Inhaling and exhalingnot just in my hours of practice but every time.

After this period observing all those changes, a new question came:

So, if I treat myself this way, how am I with the others?

Everything started all over again because all the love I was giving to myself moved from inside out transforming me into a much more compassionate, patient, understanding person. Then, little by little, the boundaries that separated me from others were disappearing. Slowly I realized that, regardless of location, language, religion, tastes there will always be much more things uniting us than separate us.

In Gurujis words: “Look at the essence and don´t be fool by names”.

As when we fell in love.


Norway, the north of the north or the Mysteries of the practice.

In this moment I´m in Lyngseidet, Norway. I have the time to deepen my practice surrounded by the ocean, mountains, snow, forests and awesome people. I feel inspired.

If you asked me six months ago about my future I would never answer about this journey to the north part of the planet. And would have tell you that I was not able of leave “everything” just to be here, now. But here I am walking up mountains, learning about new things, feeling the cold in my face, the warm in my spirit, completely alive.

A few weeks ago I felt that my practice was in a place with no much energy and I wanted a change.  Also my left hip hurt a lot after this eight, ten hours car trip we did from Sweden to Norway. My practice, as my life, was starting all over again. And that feeling of low energy or disappointing sensations that the new injury brought was the reflex of my inner state, a state where I was saving energy for been able to meet all the practical changes in my life.

Now that in some ways I´m more settled down, I realized that my practice went to a deeper place. Because even though it never was just a physical practice now, more than ever I can feel my practice in every other aspect of my life. It is not that I’m constantly reminding myself the principles of yamaand niyama, or meditating more hours than before, it is something internal, natural. Feeling alive into the present moment because my life changed so much -so fast- that today more than ever my conscience/ inner self /my body feel lightbecause the future is wide open occasionally washed by the waves of my present actions.

Buda on skis / and everywhere else.