The Unknown.

For many years, I thought that the unknown was something, a “place”, outside of me. Happily, everything changes. Yesterday, I came back from the 2013 National Iyengar Yoga Convention in Voiron, France. From Friday we were experiencing ourselves through the practice guided by the master of the ceremony: Zubin Zarthoshtimanesh who has been studying withSigue leyendo “The Unknown.”

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but Nobody wants to die.

In this moment, the concept of darkness is inside my life more than ever before. Even though I´m not able to describe it perfectly, inside of me, darkness it´s related with fear and death (fear of death? Patañjali already talked about this). I never thought much about death as during the last months. I guess seeingSigue leyendo “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but Nobody wants to die.”

Love is in the air.

A few years ago I read in a book that Inspiration comes when something is “Instilling air into…” That book was talking about the necessary enlightenment of the spirit before any human creation. But today I found this meaning: “Immediate influence of God or a god”. Breathe has to do with God then. I thoughtSigue leyendo “Love is in the air.”