Georg Feuerstain.

The first book I read from him was “Yoga Gems”. In that book, he worked as an editor since it´s a book full of magic and inspirational quotes from different gurus, masters and philosophers from different times, talking about the eight limbs of the yoga practice. I guess it´s easier to find what you´re lookingSigue leyendo “Georg Feuerstain.”

Yoga as an Olympic Sport?

I have been discovering so many things during the last months. This blog is talking a lot about yoga but also, about where yoga takes you: physically, mentally and spiritually. And the conclusion, if there is one, is: Isn´t all just the same? Isn´t all just my body-mind-spirit mixed together, trying to find some certaintySigue leyendo “Yoga as an Olympic Sport?”

Lord of the animals

  Some say is Shiva. In fact, Pashupati is an epithet –another way to call- of Shiva. Some say is the first image of a yogui. Maybe you can see it: Something like swastikasana, padmasana or mulabhandasana. You can see the tiger there also. I like the tiger, all the animals there. Even though YogaSigue leyendo “Lord of the animals”

Lord Patañjali

YOGENA CITTASYA PADENA VACAM MALAM SARIRASYACA VAIDYAKENA YOPAKAROTTAM PRAVARAM MUNINAM PATANJALIM PRANJALIRANATO’SMI ABAHU PURUSAKARAM SANKHA CAKRASI DHARINAM SAHASRA SIRASAM SVETAM PRANAMAMI PATANJALIM Translation: To the noblest of sages, Patanjali, who gave us yoga for serenity of mind, grammar for purity of speech and medicine for the perfection of body, I salute. First I honor PatanjaliSigue leyendo “Lord Patañjali”