Georg Feuerstain.

The first book I read from him was “Yoga Gems”. In that book, he worked as an editor since it´s a book full of magic and inspirational quotes from different gurus, masters and philosophers from different times, talking about the eight limbs of the yoga practice. I guess it´s easier to find what you´re looking […]

Yoga as an Olympic Sport?

I have been discovering so many things during the last months. This blog is talking a lot about yoga but also, about where yoga takes you: physically, mentally and spiritually. And the conclusion, if there is one, is: Isn´t all just the same? Isn´t all just my body-mind-spirit mixed together, trying to find some certainty […]

Lord Patañjali

YOGENA CITTASYA PADENA VACAM MALAM SARIRASYACA VAIDYAKENA YOPAKAROTTAM PRAVARAM MUNINAM PATANJALIM PRANJALIRANATO’SMI ABAHU PURUSAKARAM SANKHA CAKRASI DHARINAM SAHASRA SIRASAM SVETAM PRANAMAMI PATANJALIM Translation: To the noblest of sages, Patanjali, who gave us yoga for serenity of mind, grammar for purity of speech and medicine for the perfection of body, I salute. First I honor Patanjali […]