Tadasana awareness.

Tadasana, Geeta Iyengar.
Tadasana, Geeta Iyengar.

Being aware of the way we distribute the weight on our feet is very important in all the standing postures and also teach us how to do it when we change and we are on our shoulders, forearms, head and hands.

How can you see where you normally put the weight when you are standing?

As Guruji says in “Light on Yoga”, notice where the soles and heels of your shoes wear out. Another way is to observe your footprint on the sand, this will show you the parts of your foot that are in contact with the floor and the parts that are not.

With this new awareness try Tadasana: Re-distribute the weight of your body on your feet in a way that you can now bring balance to the feet structure and form.

Notice if there is any change in the sensation of your own body and mind.

The way we stand affect our spines and this, affects our mind. Tadasana is very usefull to awake our bodies, our minds and brains.” Geeta Iyengar.


Savasana or The things I miss the most.


If someone would have told me that one of the things I would miss the most of teaching is savasana, I would have not believed it. But, to be honest, if someone would have told me about how my life would changed, I wouldn´t have believed it either.

In Light on Yoga (LOY), Guruji puts, under each posture, a number that, more or less, has the function to tell us how difficult can be that specific posture. Tadasana is one (yeah right), Sirsasana is four, Urdhva Dhanurasana is seven and so on…

But, under the name of savasana we don´t find any number.

Some people say that this it is because savasana is the most difficult asana.

And they are right.

Savasana is not about the body, it is not about holding anything; it is about the mind and going inside, layer by layer, leaving the body, for a few minutes, aside.

During these months I have been moving more than ever before and, in my own practice my savasana it has not been so good; when I practice by myself, savasana is never as deep as how it is when I am taking a class with someone else.

I miss savasana A LOT.

But, also, I really miss to teach and that moment when everyone is taking its own decisions about where to go (people fall asleep, there are people for whom is really difficult to stay still, people who have the ability to let everything go really fast), and how to understand the practice. I can´t go there -is about their own experience- but those, are moments where I can go inside of myself and meet my own stillness. Savasana for my students is something that makes their practice complete and, for me, is a moment full of inspiration and gratefulness because I can feel, clearer than ever, the beauty and depth that hides behind of what I do.