Guruji in savasa, photo from Light on Yoga.
Guruji in savasa, photo from Light on Yoga.

Yoga helps us to connect ourselves with a place of calm and silence inside of us.

Yoga is teaching us to be relaxed, to let go the tension even when we are in the middle of the big challenge that any asana represent. After that, we can let go the tension almost enywhere.

Yoga, in a beautiful and sometimes mysterious way, makes us feel the connection between our bodies, minds and souls. If we go beyond that, the practice shows us the connection between ourselves and the others around us, ending with all the polarities, dualities and multiplicities seen by our eyes.

But, what happened when we close our eyes and let everything go?

Go inwards.
Go inwards.

In savasana (corpse pose) we find an opportunity to explore the full potential of the yoga practice: calm, silence, quietness, relaxation, connection, union, mind and body discipline; our body showing our mind something different: stillness.

Body AND Mind.

Even when “yoga is not an intellectual game” as Guruji says.

I found THIS very beautiful post about savasana. In my own practice I´m exploring the posture and I found this article very inspiring and precise.

Good savasana for all!


Faith or how I learnt to lay down my arms


Sometimes, when we start something new in your life, we have in mind an idea of what we will get after the new experience.

Last year I went to India to study yoga at the RIMYI.

My idea was to go deeper in the practice; I wanted to see Guruji and his family, I wanted to just practice+learn for a few months to be able to be a better practitioner and instructor.

But reality its always there telling us, once and again, that we are situating our eyes in the wrong direction.

Do you know what I really learnt?

I learnt how to surrender.



Yes, surrender.

We now that every asana is a form of prostration but this time was different:

I learnt to prostate myself in front of the feet of life, in front of the flow of the universe. In front of the heart of my own heart.

I don´t know too much how to handle things when they become a mess and, in this sense, India was a big challenge for me.

I was totally by myself: during the firsts weeks I was really shocked with the cultural differences and I don´t know, maybe it is a natural response but I started to fight internally against everything. There was this BIG RESISTANCE MOVEMENT inside of me.

And well, we know what happened when you put resistance against things that are asking you to move: They feel heavier.

Until one day I understood that I was acting in the wrong way.

I sat in my Indian room and prayed. And when I realized that I was praying, something beautiful happened:  I saw how I was rediscovering my faith.

I gave every fear away and putted myself in the hands of the unknown.

After three months of unconscious fight, in this moment, in my Swedish room, I´m doing the same thing that I did in India.

I am prostrating myself in front of the feet of life.

In front of the flow of the universe.

In front of the heart of my own heart.

Fear became faith.