NO MORE DRAMA (part 1)

I.-2 Yoga citta vritti nirodha. We know that yoga -by definition- talks about being able to stop the movements of the mind, the “waves of thoughts” that are coming constantly. Sometimes, we are under those waves. Sometimes, we are over them. So, if thoughts are like the ocean they, simply, are there. You can´t actuallySigue leyendo «NO MORE DRAMA (part 1)»

Important things coming trough in waves.

Why become an intellectual, if the subject has the potential to transform you in to a mystic? Because it is really easy to have an intellectual approach to yoga, it is easy to put quotes everywhere -everyone has been “touched” by a quote-. With roots in literature studies I can say, by experience, how easySigue leyendo «Important things coming trough in waves.»

What happens when I´m not inspired.

I used to live a very calm life in Chile. Now I´m traveling a lot and my routine is completely gone. And I can live days like today where a big part of me is there asking: Where are you, my lovely routine? In days like today I miss my “home”, my work, my students,Sigue leyendo «What happens when I´m not inspired.»