5 reasons why is spiritually healthy to change your life.


When we are in a stable moment on our lives we are comfortable. It is good. We fought for that moment and we are enjoying the time, resting after the movement. Until suddenly, something wake us up again. A gut feeling that started like a whisper now is yelling at you: Ok, time to move!

It could be that we need to change our job. Or maybe we have the opportunity to go and live in another country and –suddenly- that looks like that trip we’ve been putting off for so long. Maybe some diet changes. Or it is the moment to start doing exercises.

Sometimes you just want to quit everything and star all over again.

I want to tell you: DO IT!

And here are the reasons why:

1. – It shows you who you really are.

When we are in a comfortable position for a long time we started to feel self–complacent. If we are not aware we can miss the opportunity to change because we are too comfortable where we are. But, the thing is that when you are in front of a total new experience, the real you is there also.

YOU: the one who needs to be “alert” all the time. You can feel a little –or super- afraid because of what is happening, sometimes you could think is too much but that’s exactly the idea.

In those moments you CAN´T LIE: Every response is an honest response. And the idea you had of yourself started to disappear until you are able to see who you really are: Someone brave and beautiful.

2. – It shows you the important things in life.

Closely linked to the above, –and especially obvious when you change job or country-, you can´t keep relations that were not real. Friends and family will show you that they are there for you; that you are not alone, that you deserve everything that is happening to you.

Everything else is superfluous.

3. – You don´t lose anything (actually you just wins).

Everything you are having now you are able to create it for you whenever you want.

Changes are there teaching you about detachment because you have to leave your present condition to “go” somewhere else. But, at the same time, they are there to teach you that, everything you have now, you are able to have it again in the future. You know very well how this comfortable position feels. Or you know very well how this feeling of being stuck feels. The bad part is that neither of them makes good to your spirit if you keep them for too long.

The good part is that you can come back there whenever you want.


4. – It is honest.

Easily to see in some people, life is moving us from one place to another all the time –and I´m not talking about traveling-.

Whether you look at life as a circle, as a spiral or as a ladder, you need to start moving to be able to reach wherever you want to reach. And movement means change. If you put resistance to the flow of energy that is there behind your ear saying “Hey, it´s time to change!” it will feel heavier. Pure physics.

There is a part of you –that maybe until now was a small part- that really feels this is true: The only constant is change.

5. – Why not?

At the end, you are the owner of your life and you are free to do whatever you want with it.

Don´t worry, close your eyes, trust in God and in the universe because there is no such a thing as social conventions –not even age or status- that would put a stop on a soul that wants to expand itself. It is part of your spiritual rights.