Garudasana: Some technical info.

Garudasana means Eagle posture, it´s also the name of the king of the birds.
The vehicle of Visnu.

The asana develops the ankles and remove stiffness in the shoulders. This is why it can be effective in cases of “muscle-contraction headaches” because it can release the muscle-tension in critical areas around the neck, shoulders and chest.
It´s also good if you want to have access to your lower back and buttocks without the tension created in case you have “short” hamstrings.

Be careful if you have any shoulder injury, more specific: rotator cuff problems. And remember, in case you have any specific condition go out there and find a good teacher that, I´m sure, will be happy to guide and help you.

Personally, one of the things I like more about this posture is that I find it one of the most mysterious ones between the standing postures.

Daniel took the photo without knowing anything about the meaning of it´s name. And three little birds are there with me, singing sweets songs. Synchrony is cool, isn´t it?

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Garudasana by Daniel Rönnback.
Garudasana by Daniel Rönnback.


Stay Open. Photo by Daniel Rönnback.
Stay Open. Photo by Daniel Rönnback. 2014, Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France.

One of the things I love about yogasana practice is what mister Iyengar clearly says: “I know the postures from yesterday but today I become a beginner.”

This is a huge challenge.

I like to think that what happens on my yoga mat is a reflex of the things that are happening outside of it. I feel it on the good things and also when a challenge appears.

The challenge of feeling like a beginner is important for me.

What I´ve learn through my yogasana practice is that, everyday I am dealing with a new version of myself. Everything changes constantly and if I forget about it, stagnates my practice immediately.

I love those days when I feel clean, fresh and new not only after the practice but before.

Those days when I am open to the adventure that I can see ahead of me and when, even though I know how to begin, I never know how it will end.

I love when I feel like I am open to find new ways to approach to the “problems” that the practice puts in front of me and that, instead of taking the regular way, I allow my self to experiment and create new points of view. I love when I feel creative. Makes me feel that I am growing.

One of the goals of the yoga practice is to go beyond our egos and, even though I am crushing with my ego constantly, I like to think that, when I feel inspire and creative I am going further in my experience of myself re defining my own limits because, rather than undergo regular mental processes -that do nothing but to strengthen the ego- I can find a new way of dealing with myself, my “problems” and my experience.

It´s beautiful because keeps me humble in front of the beauty and it´s not only my mind that opens, it is my body and my heart also.

Throwing away stuff

Good to bake.

I don´t like molds. Well, maybe for cooking.

In the process of growing up, the only thing I have been really doing is throwing away stuff. Because, the only thing I have realized is that all those things I assumed have a define shape (happiness, relationships, success, spirituality, yoga, etc.) well, in the practical-real-alive life, don´t fit with any type of preconceived mold.

The process of throwing away stuff is nice and deep and I like to think that has to do a lot with vairagya, Patañjali´s non-attachment (I.15).

In my mind it´s like this:

I have a mental idea of what happiness is. I have read about it, I have seen it on TV. Everyone around: my parents, my friends, my teachers, everyone, seem to be very into it so, OK, let´s go there!


Then, in my mind, a creative process begins where happiness starts to be connected with other stuff; happiness is colorful (some specific colors not black, oh no), has some temperature (spring-summer temperature), happiness has to do with some people around me and, I can even listen the happiness soundtrack playing.

The thing is that in the practical-real-alive life what happens is  more related to what “The Tibetan book of the Dead” says: “wishing for happiness, we pass our human lives in suffering”.

Patañjali also talks about suffering (II.4). He says that the cause of suffering is avidya, ignorance, delusion.

Well, let´s say it: Creating a stable pattern for something that it´s clearly in constant transformation and movement, have to be ignorance.

Once, I read in Alejandro Jodorowsky´s “La via del Tarot”, that perfection is dead. In perfection nothing-nothing can change because if that happens, there is no perfection any more and well, when nothing can change we are in front of something weirdest than death itself (because changes continue even after death).

The thing I wanted to write about was that I like this feeling of throwing away mental structures that are here creating pain and discomfort.

Before: When something didn´t fit in my mold my first reaction always was something like: But, come on! You have to fit here, this IS love, success, happiness, friendships, yoga, etc. (The list is endless) And there I was, fighting against something bigger than me, feeling bad.

For the last years now, I have been asking myself: Why do I want the things to be different from what they are? Will it change the way I feel love, the way I feel happiness? Maybe the form will change, but not the content. Maybe, if the form change, the content also suffers some changes.

Maybe the key is to be open.

I am now practicing seeing things as “they are” without putting my preconceptions on them. I am practicing to not interrupt the others in the way they share their own feelings and I am feeling light.

No, I am not arranging my molds on the side; I am throwing the stuff away from me. Creating space.

I am letting happiness find me.


I am allowing love be.

Humbly and gratefully.

Sunny happiness.

We live at the end of the road at the foot of Mont-Blanc.

Even though behind we have the Ever White Mountain, during three months of the year our home is in the dark side since we don´t get any sun during the winter. Despite all, I like to think about it as the perfect balance: The White Mountain needs to create darkness, the taller you are the bigger your shadow is or…something like that.

Oh my god! I missed the sun!

We have a crystal hanging in one of ours windows and during last week that crystal started to bring new colors and lights to our living room, again.

It can sound like a super small detail but the fact is that I almost cried.

I´m taking a risk of sounding like a crazy person but, have you ever feel that from now on, everything is going to be better and better, no matter what?

Well, I felt that.

Colors in our kitchen!
Colors in our kitchen!
Here comes the sun!

The sun is here, I´m feeling warm and my knee is better every day! What else can I ask for? I can´t believe that the recovery process is taking so little time and I´m REALLY happy about it. (I guess being a yogi is helping a lot not only because of the yoga therapy I´m doing for my knee but also because of the patience and awareness I have with my own body. Even though padmasana is still far away I´m really happy because I don´t have much pain and I can teach –almost- normally.)

Spring, I feel you!
Spring, I feel you!

Soon, it will be one year since I came to Europe following my heart, following Andreas´ heart also. It sounds funny but only now I feel ready to face this journey. I feel ready, full of energy, happy, confident.

I feel -like a truth inside of me- that I am free to choose how my life will be from now on: It can be a little awkward (hell is not even an option) or it can be like heaven.

I guess you know what I will choose.

Yahuuuuu !
Life IS heaven! Yahuuuu!!!

Fat monsters, excuses and happiness.

These weeks have been full of loving moments.

We have been settling down in our apartment trying to deal with French bureaucracy with love and patience. We have been spending time with friends and family, enjoying the nature and all the beautiful places around us.

I wanted this. I loved to travel during the last months, meeting people and places out there (and in here) I never imagined but, at the same time, I truly needed to be in one place to be able to create everything I want to create, to be able to deal with my ambitions and my love for routine in a sane way.

But, who said that being in one place means to be static?

Many things are happening right now. After all the physical movement that traveling brought, I feel that everything is clearer inside of me… Like when, after the wave exploded and reached the shore, it cleaned everything  just to  go back to the ocean and start all over again.

I was genuinely afraid a few weeks ago. I was afraid of loneliness, thinking that I was not good enough to do this. I was afraid of failure.  At the same time, I knew that this was the moment I was waiting for so long, the time to act, the moment where actions were more valuable than words. And, since this seemed so scary, I truly wanted to escape from it. I almost did it. Almost.

After these weeks I feel bless and happy for the way things have being. It seems that life rewards you with her tenderness if you take the option to try new things, traveling in the direction of our fears as the picture says.

Sometimes our fears are dark, fat and enormous, like monsters… In this case, for me, my fat monsters were nothing more than extraordinary mountains in our backyard, new friends, lots of love and awesome opportunities to grow.

I’m happy I didn´t escape.

I didn´t realize it before but, I guess my biggest fear was to let  all excuses go away and start being happy.

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