Georg Feuerstain.

The first book I read from him was “Yoga Gems”. In that book, he worked as an editor since it´s a book full of magic and inspirational quotes from different gurus, masters and philosophers from different times, talking about the eight limbs of the yoga practice.

I guess it´s easier to find what you´re looking for with the help of the others that were in the same search before you.

That´s what, in one way or another, all of us are and will continue doing.

Georg Feuerstain passed away on Saturday (August 25th, 2012).

Gratefulness towards him and all my thoughts are with the family.


“When a man dies, what does not leave him?

The voice of a dead man goes into fire,

his breath into wind,

his eyes into the sun,

his mind into the moon,

his hearing into the quarters of heaven,

his body into the land cheerfully.

Earth, his spirit into space.”