This moment is perfect.

There´s something about the occasions I felt I was “right”: I never learnt anything.

There was always my ego -the worst part of it- feeling really good, but actually myself (the part of me that I identify as the “real” me) wasn´t there at all. There was this image of myself, following all the concepts I already knew perfectly, but there wasn´t anything new, any risk, any challenge or any healing. Even though I´m a person for whom it’s really easy to make others feel good. For me it’s really easy to “see” where I can help others to be better, or to grow, or to “complete” themselves, if you know what I mean.

My challenge is a lot about how to show myself the way to “improve me” in the places of myself I´m not aware of at all.

This is a way of seeing life.

And, my way of seeing life has a lot to do with my yoga practice. It is about discovering myself in every corner of my behavior, in every moment; in the present, in the past, in the future. And, after that, being able to see the patrons behind that, and to see the way of not cheating myself at all.

I´m wondering if that is really possible at all: To be able to see myself completely and don´t feel that I’m “betraying” myself being the way I am.

Even though for me, life has a lot to do with “educating” myself, I really would like to feel good the way I am. Understanding that there is a lot I have to change and to improve, but feeling good, feeling confidence about myself, knowing that, inside of myself, hides the diamond that every soul is having.

Inside of our little body hides God. Our little way of expressing it, is sacred. Even though I have to learn, and change so many things, in this moment, my behavior is sacred.