The confusion about doing Nothing.

The Bhagavag Gita tells us that actions can be black, grey or white.

Tell us that even doing nothing is, in fact, doing something.

I feel inspired.

I admit it: I really like comfort; I had been living my whole life in my own little world, where everything was “under control”, even though I liked to think the opposite.

During these days I discovered that I like to lie to myself. Well, maybe is not something that I actually “like” but it happened more that once before. And in moments like this, where I am in a completely different place, with different people and languages, I realized that.

People around me had been traveling the bigger part of their lives so, for them is relatively easy to meet people and feel them as good friends.

I used to think that I needed time for that: making friends was something slow and deep in my own old world.

The truth is that, now, I feel much more free trusting in everyone  around me because, it seems that they were in my place in another moment before. Everyone it is so nice that I feel constantly emotional about it. And at the same time I don´t know how to react in front of so much love. I feel shy but then, there, I discover me lying to myself again.

People around me move these words: “Work Hard” until their own limit. I really loooveee that because they know themselves in the worst moments, in those moments where I just want to quit everything, they are still there, working hard, knowing –maybe- that the sensation after going there is something no one can give you. It is not for free.

Sometimes, also, I feel a little confuse about it, because in my experience of life, things flow. You don´t have to fight for them. You have to do your thing. Practice, learn and teach. Enjoy.

I´m REALLY confused about this point. Limits, limits, limits. Always making me wonder where to stop, where to continue, until where it is ok to go, until where I need/can go.

I like to think that –sometimes- let the things flow is also a hard work At least for me it was.

 When Arjuna is thinking if it is good to go and fight against his own family, Siva tells him that he has to do his thing. His duty.

I don´t know what my duty is. The only words that make eco inside of me are this: Let it be, with love.

I will do my best.