Mountains and me.

I have always been surrounded by mountains, well, coming from a place like Chile is actually very hard to not be close to one. I always remember that amazing feeling of seeing the Andes after a day of rain in Santiago. In that monster-city that Santiago is, we had only some days a year, maybe only some hours a year, the opportunity to smell the rain in the fresh air and find a ray of light behind the trees, to only realize that the amazing Cordillera was there, in her splendor, shining, huge, like witnessing all our movements from the heights. It was just perfect! Words are not enough when comes to nature.

Here, in Chamonix, I REALLY am surrounded by mountains. They are a little bit different from the Andes though: they are closer and are, at the same time, smaller (objectively) but bigger (from where I am standing perspective), the Alps are sharp mountains, the Andes are more soft. I find the Alps very masculine, the Andes are more feminine (this is a VERY personal thing I guess). There might be many other differences and I am sure that a lot of people around me might know more about this subject but, there is something that doesn’t change and is this feeling that I get when I´m staring at the mountains: I simply become quite. Their beauty, majesty and every-day-changing presence touches my heart deeply and I just love it. I feel extremely grateful for this.

I still don´t get the urge to go up the mountains to explore and conquer them. Maybe in the future, who knows.

Meanwhile I will continue enjoying seeing the majesty of nature, enjoying the quietness of my astonished heart.

All of this is because I wanted to say that I feel that I, in my heart, understand what Kōdo Sawaki, zen master (Taisen Deshimaru´s master), is talking about:

Look! Nature is sublime. I understand the problems people have, yet I have never met somebody worthy of my admiration or submission. But the Takagamine Mountain is always looking down on me saying: Kōdo, Kōdo…

Those are beautiful last words, don´t you think?

Not conquering the mountain. We took a lift to this place. Photo by the amazing Daniel Rönnback.
Not conquering the mountain. We took a lift to this place. Photo by the amazing Daniel Rönnback.

Garudasana: Some technical info.

Garudasana means Eagle posture, it´s also the name of the king of the birds.
The vehicle of Visnu.

The asana develops the ankles and remove stiffness in the shoulders. This is why it can be effective in cases of “muscle-contraction headaches” because it can release the muscle-tension in critical areas around the neck, shoulders and chest.
It´s also good if you want to have access to your lower back and buttocks without the tension created in case you have “short” hamstrings.

Be careful if you have any shoulder injury, more specific: rotator cuff problems. And remember, in case you have any specific condition go out there and find a good teacher that, I´m sure, will be happy to guide and help you.

Personally, one of the things I like more about this posture is that I find it one of the most mysterious ones between the standing postures.

Daniel took the photo without knowing anything about the meaning of it´s name. And three little birds are there with me, singing sweets songs. Synchrony is cool, isn´t it?

More photos and info at:

Garudasana by Daniel Rönnback.
Garudasana by Daniel Rönnback.

Accidents and opportunities.

A lot of things happened during last week.

On Sunday, my Father, his wife Macarena and my younger brothers José and Juan arrived to spend a couple of days with us here in France. We had amazing days together. It´s really beautiful to realize that, even though I feel everything changed in my world the connection and love with my family always remains.

On Wednesday I had my most busy class since I came here. It was a big challenge: those days when you don´t have enough props and the energy it´s really high up inside the room… A really beautiful experience, for sure! I feel so grateful for being able to feel that!

On Thursday my brothers and I went out skiing. I was super excited to ski with them. The day was perfect: sunny and beautiful, and after having three days with my dad and Macarena my heart was full of warmth family love.

We really enjoyed the day but when we were coming down to town I fell backwards hurting my knee. I couldn´t stand up any more. It was super painful and I felt really scared because I fell in the middle of a really narrow piste… The good thing was that Juan was waiting for me just a few meters below because he saw that there were rocks on the piste and he warned Jose up and his idea was to do the same with me… but I fell before that.

I couldn’t move my leg until at least a few hours later. My hip and ankle were perfect but my knee was really unstable and aching. The rescue people came and took me down the slope where an ambulance was waiting for me.

In the hospital they took x-rays and we saw that my bones were in great conditions (lucky me!) but obviously something happened with my ligaments. My ACL was probably under too much tension and it stretched too much… Or maybe it can be twisted or even broken (crossing fingers and toes for a NO on this one!). We don´t know yet what happened because I need to take a MRI scan during the next weeks to be completely sure.

I had two options: The first one was feel depressed and sorry for myself because I can´t teach for (at least) a couple of days, my practice needs to change totally, I won´t be able to enjoy skiing with my brothers anymore and I need to pay for the rescue.

The second option was to see this as an opportunity.

What do you want to see?
What do you want to see?

For two days I was in the first option. I guess I was kind of shocked because this is my first accident ever, but yesterday I decided to change my mind completely. Two days were enough. And, you know, enough is enough.

Here you have the list I created of positive things that are already coming and will come with the accident:

LOVE: I´ve been feeling so much understanding and love from people I never expected. All the students were really concerned and they sent me beautiful messages and emails full of good energies. Also, Andreas and my brothers are taking really good care of me, I´m so lucky to have three beautiful nurses. My leg is injured but my heart is full of love!

EXPERIENCE: As a yoga practitioner I always heard my teachers telling things like: “An injury is an opportunity to learn”, “Pain is your master” or “Listen to your body”… In my own experience as a yoga instructor I´ve been saying that when it came the time to help someone with a specific condition. Well it´s my time now.  It seems that now it´s the moment to put all that knowledge on myself and heal myself through yoga practice.  If I´m able to do that, my FAITH in yoga will be even bigger based now on my own experience.

INSPIRATION: I´ve been thinking a lot on Guruji´s history… He had two really big accidents during his life and he needed to start his practice from nothing. I feel really lucky because what happened to me is not even closer to that but the truth is that even though he always is a real inspiration to me, in this moment I can feel his experience even more close to my heart motivating me.

PRACTICAL THINGS: I will learn a lot about travel insurance, international health care, bureaucracy and it will be a big opportunity to practice my French.

I really believe that I´m responsible for my own reality, I don´t understand that much yet how and why I created the accident but the list above helped me to deal with it. I believe that when the energy is stuck, things like this happen, the energy needs to move, if it doesn´t move, it explode!

I guess I´m learning that trough my knee. Knees are not just anatomy, it depends on the way you look at it.

The Rollercoaster Year.

Probably last year was one of the most amazing and, at the same time, scariest years of my life, but I guess it feels like that every year (or is it just me?): more intensity, more challenges, more boundaries to break and many awesome things to discover outside and INSIDE. I´m wondering where am I going to end if it´s continuing like this!

After one year of being in the rollercoaster / blender of life where the intensity and movement mixed everything together making it really hard to understand, I´m starting to feel close to myself again and I have to say that for me the rollercoaster mode is not the most comfortable one but, OH! How much I enjoy the moments where everything seem to re-accommodate inside of myself and I can breathe and enjoy the momentary calm just before another round of movement start again. If it wasn´t for the moments of turbulence in my life I wouldn´t for a minute appreciate the moments of calm, peace and surrender.

In this moment I´m breathing. I´m calm.

I mean inner calm.

I feel like a nice, fresh and tender wind came into my heart and blew all the confusion away and I´m able to see myself again. I´m feeling myself again. And even though the blender can start at any moment, I know that I will know myself better before the next round start again.

Last year I understood some things. And some of them were really hard because

I realized how innocent I am.

I learnt that good intentions are not always enough. There has to be something (knowledge, evidence, experience), behind them.

I learnt also that everything is changing. And changing again. And again. And, yes, again.

But, the most important thing I learnt is that you need a lot of strength to just be yourself. I´m open to change, I´m enjoying the movement and, actually, I´m waiting for more but there´s something that doesn´t change and that is a little small part of myself that, behind all the movements, stays the same. Is not the ego, at least not the bad part of it, is something that feels closer to my essence, to my individuality. In this sense, I´m sure that I couldn´t call that part my Inner/ Higher Self YET.

Who knows? Maybe after a few more rounds of intensity, waves, rollercoaster and blenders, the inner tender fresh wind will remove all the questions leaving only silence and, maybe, myself behind.

Here you have some pictures of the Rollercoaster. Welcome!

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Gratefulness, suprises and projects.

After one month in beautiful Berlin, a week in Paris and beautiful surprises from family and friends, we are back in Chamonix, France, where we plan to stay for a while.

The movement of these last months is teaching me so much that I can´t feel anything but gratefulness. My heart is warm and happy.

But, at the same time, I really miss the opportunity to share yoga with others in a more “methodical” way and this moment is the perfect opportunity to do that! That´s why I created a new project: here you can find more information.

Feel free to contact me!


And soon more surprises will come!