The Rollercoaster Year.

Probably last year was one of the most amazing and, at the same time, scariest years of my life, but I guess it feels like that every year (or is it just me?): more intensity, more challenges, more boundaries to break and many awesome things to discover outside and INSIDE. I´m wondering where am I going to end if it´s continuing like this!

After one year of being in the rollercoaster / blender of life where the intensity and movement mixed everything together making it really hard to understand, I´m starting to feel close to myself again and I have to say that for me the rollercoaster mode is not the most comfortable one but, OH! How much I enjoy the moments where everything seem to re-accommodate inside of myself and I can breathe and enjoy the momentary calm just before another round of movement start again. If it wasn´t for the moments of turbulence in my life I wouldn´t for a minute appreciate the moments of calm, peace and surrender.

In this moment I´m breathing. I´m calm.

I mean inner calm.

I feel like a nice, fresh and tender wind came into my heart and blew all the confusion away and I´m able to see myself again. I´m feeling myself again. And even though the blender can start at any moment, I know that I will know myself better before the next round start again.

Last year I understood some things. And some of them were really hard because

I realized how innocent I am.

I learnt that good intentions are not always enough. There has to be something (knowledge, evidence, experience), behind them.

I learnt also that everything is changing. And changing again. And again. And, yes, again.

But, the most important thing I learnt is that you need a lot of strength to just be yourself. I´m open to change, I´m enjoying the movement and, actually, I´m waiting for more but there´s something that doesn´t change and that is a little small part of myself that, behind all the movements, stays the same. Is not the ego, at least not the bad part of it, is something that feels closer to my essence, to my individuality. In this sense, I´m sure that I couldn´t call that part my Inner/ Higher Self YET.

Who knows? Maybe after a few more rounds of intensity, waves, rollercoaster and blenders, the inner tender fresh wind will remove all the questions leaving only silence and, maybe, myself behind.

Here you have some pictures of the Rollercoaster. Welcome!

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Iyengar yoga makes me happy.

Props and Art.
Props love.

I´ve been teaching Iyengar yoga for 5 years now.

I still remember my first class: I prepared the class following the advice that appear in “Basic Guidelines for Teachers of Yoga”, an essential and awesome book written by Guruji and Geetaji. I was pretty nervous and I remember the sensation that time just flew away! I did arm/shoulder work for 40 minutes!

Oh, how exhausting!

Even though I was feeling bad after the class, thinking of my mistakes and problems, what happened was magic: A lot of people liked it and enjoyed it.  And the most important thing: They felt that they understood something new!

Since then, my personal practice and every new class are helping me to build up my confidence as a teacher because, even today, every new practice/class is an open challenge where I need to be with my eyes and heart open to understand what is happening, not only in mine and the practitioners´ bodies but also inside of our minds.

I came to France almost two months ago and I can´t tell you how grateful I am for everything that has been happening to my life during these weeks.

This new place is really beautiful and inspiring, full of people coming from everywhere to enjoy the mountains and trying to find a meaning to life through what they do.

The Beautiful Alps
The Beautiful Alps

Once, all of them were just where I´m now. It´s really good to feel surrounded by people that understand exactly how I feel and it´s helping me to remember the love and simplicity behind this adventure.

And the classes are going so good that it´s even hard to communicate my emotion about it!

The Yoga Room
The Yoga Place.

It´s really good for the ego to start from nothing, leaving fears and doubts behind.

During these weeks I´ve reconnected myself with the passion I feel for teaching and also, this endless gratitude to my spanish master José María Vigar, who thought me and my classmates in the teaching training with so much precision and honesty all the techniques for every asana but, the most important thing, he transmitted to us his deep appreciation, respect and love for Guruji (and his family) and all the work he has been doing during his life.

It´s really important to remember that we´re standing on the shoulders of the people that was here before us.

Is good for the heart to remember that.

During these months traveling and teaching in different parts of the world, I´ve had many opportunities to learn different/new methods but the truth is that I never feel so much comprehension as when I´m practicing in The Iyengar Way. And I think that this comprehension is something really important when you´re teaching.

It´s easy to make our students move a little bit, it´s easy to sweat and have the illusion that we are doing an amazing type of “exercise”…

I´m doing that sometimes because I feel I need it.

I like to “sweat”, forget completely about my mind for 2 hours and feel super exhausted at the end of the practice. The savasasa (corpse pose) challenge of surrendering is easier that way. I enjoy it!

Despite that, the truth is that I´m really happy that I met the Iyengar method so early in my life. I can say that I don´t have any serious injury and that, during these years, I never hurt anyone who has come to my lessons.

I´ve been making many mistakes, that´s for sure but the truth is that through them I learn more about the method, the practice and the art that yoga is in every class, every day, and along with the growth of my experience as a teacher, my deepest respect, admiration, love and endless gratefulness from the bottom of my heart to Guruji, is also growing every day.

Guruji at 94, teaching to his granddoughter Abhijata. So inspiring!!!
Guruji at 94, teaching to his granddoughter Abhijata. So inspiring!!!

I have to say that when I´m teaching I don´t know who is learning the most: The students or myself. That´s one of the mysteries that makes my life happy. Is in these mysteries where I want to live every day.