Garudasana: Some technical info.

Garudasana means Eagle posture, it´s also the name of the king of the birds. The vehicle of Visnu. The asana develops the ankles and remove stiffness in the shoulders. This is why it can be effective in cases of “muscle-contraction headaches” because it can release the muscle-tension in critical areas around the neck, shoulders andSigue leyendo “Garudasana: Some technical info.”


Yoga helps us to connect ourselves with a place of calm and silence inside of us. Yoga is teaching us to be relaxed, to let go the tension even when we are in the middle of the big challenge that any asana represent. After that, we can let go the tension almost enywhere. Yoga, inSigue leyendo “Savasana.”

The impossible (or how to seek perfection in asana).

Last year, during a class I took with him in India, Prashant Iyengar talked about the tendency of some yoga practitioners/teachers to become obsessed with the instructions. I don´t know very much of how is this in other methods of yoga practice but, in Iyengar, it´s pretty easy to talk a lot about the physicalSigue leyendo “The impossible (or how to seek perfection in asana).”