The Unknown.

For many years, I thought that the unknown was something, a “place”, outside of me. Happily, everything changes.

Yesterday, I came back from the 2013 National Iyengar Yoga Convention in Voiron, France. From Friday we were experiencing ourselves through the practice guided by the master of the ceremony: Zubin Zarthoshtimanesh who has been studying with Guruji since he was a kid and who – with his wife Parizad- also run the Iyengar Yogabhyasa School in Mumbay.

Zubin and Corine Biria, who translated into French.
Zubin and Corine Biria.
Poster of the Convention.
Poster of the Convention.

We had two days and a half to realize our mistakes. Now, it´s in our hands to see if we´re going to be able to change them… That´s  a small part of the transformative power of yoga: From the over-experience of our own body, we can realize our lack of sensibility. Through the practice we develop the sensibility and awareness we need and the practice change to something close to an endless journey that takes us from the comfort found in everything we think we know to the completely alive and scary unknown.

Like the Upanishads say:

“Lead Us From the Unreal To the Real,
Lead Us From Darkness To Light,
Lead Us From Death To Immortality,
Let There Be Peace Peace Peace”

Inner space rockets.
Inner space rockets.

If you know a little bit of my story, you know that during last year my life changed completely because I fell in love and I decided to leave my nice, quiet and happy life in Chile to follow my love. We were traveling during eight months and this blog born as a way to share all of those overwhelming feelings that started to grow inside of me due to this new experience.

I left everything I knew to go into the unknown. And it was hard and amazing.

For many years, my dear master José María Vigar, always tried to make me work better from my back body. He tried to move my awareness from outside-in; he tried to teach me how to go deeper in my practice… But  today I think that, no matter how hard I (and he) tried, the truth is that I wasn´t ready to feel it.

I believe that what happens outside is a reflex of what happen inside. And vice versa. Everything is interconnected, you know.

Today, I see that what happened last year aparently outside was making me more sensitive to be able to touch the unknown inside of my little tiny own body. My own and personal spaceship.

During the last three days, I was able to touch my back body in a way I never felt before. It might sound like a simple thing. The truth is that I found the Universe inside of myself. Of course that I have many mistakes to correct, I need to find my own ways but, there is something that I learnt not through my mind but through my body this weekend:

The Unknown is closer than we think.

Guruji knows it. Urdhva Dhanurasana.
Guruji knows it. Urdhva Dhanurasana.

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10 comentarios sobre “The Unknown.

  1. spinoza dijo «nadie sabe lo que puede un cuerpo». amo esa cita porque habla de las capacidades insospechadas de lo vivo, de la imposibilidad de determinar donde acaba su potencia.

    me hizo tanto sentido cuando la escuché por primera vez porque me ha pasado eso de encontrar-me siendo lo que jamás imaginé, develando zonas completamente desconocidas de mi ser. ahora bien, en el develar la potencia del yo-desconocido me ha pasado también que he llegado a zonas oscuras, donde mi ego se siente perdido y enajenado, queriendo renegar incluso de esa oscuridad que le es también propia. lo importante es que, incluso en esa zona de negrura, sepamos encontrar la sabiduría y entonces pareciera que cae otro velo y profundizamos como por capitas en el conocer lo que no sabemos de nosotros mismos.

    ¡te quiero, alejandra!

    1. nadie sabe lo que puede hacer un cuerpo hasta que lo usa, jijijjiijiiiii! el cuerpo como spaceship hacia el infinito y más allá! hacia la negrura, esa que de tan negra, es luminosa, esa me gusta a mí! 🙂

      te quiero también, rebeca!

    1. I´m sure you will love it! be open to the experience! Will Zubin teach there also? I was in Berlin in September (my brother lives there) and I took some classes there… Where do you practice? ,I loooooooooooove Berlin! Enjoy the weekend! 🙂

      1. I absolutely love Berlin too, lived there a few years, its a bit like coming home for me and I still hope there is a chance to go back some time. Raya Uma Datta from the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute Pune will be teaching at the weekend. Will let you know how it was! I’m in Munich and thanks to Michael Forbes there are great Iyengar teachers here. xxx

  2. Lovely post Ale, the convention looked amazing but daunting with so many people. I am really enjoying practice especially the back work as over the years this has become very stiff, probably from old age starting…he he but also emotional tension. But slowly it is getting more flexible. I hope you will stay in chamonix a while longer!

    1. Thank you sooo much Sammy for reading and for your comment. The convention was awesome and you know, sometimes, during the practice it doesn’t matter if you are by yourself or with 200 people around you!!! 🙂 See you on Friday! Have an amazing week! Hugs!

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