Sunny happiness.

We live at the end of the road at the foot of Mont-Blanc.

Even though behind we have the Ever White Mountain, during three months of the year our home is in the dark side since we don´t get any sun during the winter. Despite all, I like to think about it as the perfect balance: The White Mountain needs to create darkness, the taller you are the bigger your shadow is or…something like that.

Oh my god! I missed the sun!

We have a crystal hanging in one of ours windows and during last week that crystal started to bring new colors and lights to our living room, again.

It can sound like a super small detail but the fact is that I almost cried.

I´m taking a risk of sounding like a crazy person but, have you ever feel that from now on, everything is going to be better and better, no matter what?

Well, I felt that.

Colors in our kitchen!
Colors in our kitchen!
Here comes the sun!

The sun is here, I´m feeling warm and my knee is better every day! What else can I ask for? I can´t believe that the recovery process is taking so little time and I´m REALLY happy about it. (I guess being a yogi is helping a lot not only because of the yoga therapy I´m doing for my knee but also because of the patience and awareness I have with my own body. Even though padmasana is still far away I´m really happy because I don´t have much pain and I can teach –almost- normally.)

Spring, I feel you!
Spring, I feel you!

Soon, it will be one year since I came to Europe following my heart, following Andreas´ heart also. It sounds funny but only now I feel ready to face this journey. I feel ready, full of energy, happy, confident.

I feel -like a truth inside of me- that I am free to choose how my life will be from now on: It can be a little awkward (hell is not even an option) or it can be like heaven.

I guess you know what I will choose.

Yahuuuuu !
Life IS heaven! Yahuuuu!!!

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