Guruji in savasa, photo from Light on Yoga.
Guruji in savasa, photo from Light on Yoga.

Yoga helps us to connect ourselves with a place of calm and silence inside of us.

Yoga is teaching us to be relaxed, to let go the tension even when we are in the middle of the big challenge that any asana represent. After that, we can let go the tension almost enywhere.

Yoga, in a beautiful and sometimes mysterious way, makes us feel the connection between our bodies, minds and souls. If we go beyond that, the practice shows us the connection between ourselves and the others around us, ending with all the polarities, dualities and multiplicities seen by our eyes.

But, what happened when we close our eyes and let everything go?

Go inwards.
Go inwards.

In savasana (corpse pose) we find an opportunity to explore the full potential of the yoga practice: calm, silence, quietness, relaxation, connection, union, mind and body discipline; our body showing our mind something different: stillness.

Body AND Mind.

Even when “yoga is not an intellectual game” as Guruji says.

I found THIS very beautiful post about savasana. In my own practice I´m exploring the posture and I found this article very inspiring and precise.

Good savasana for all!


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