“Plainly speaking, it refused to die.”

Flower of Life.

I believe we are eternal beings. I believe that, our souls, when they cease to be souls and they leave the identification whit the ego/character that we are experiencing now, they go back to the origin/God and connect themselves there, until something happen and -maybe- we come back here to continue the circle, or maybe we travel to other dimensions or whatever you want to believe. But something might happen… No?

I´m talking about my beliefs but you know, I´m not sure about it… just a feeling.

On the other hand, I believe we are eternal beings also because I´m carrying information from my mother and father, from my grandparents and their parents and so on… Probably since forever! And you´re doing the same!

I´m not the same as my mother or father, but I was created from their cells, and if I have children they will continue with the life chain maybe until forever!

But, what is science telling us about this? Ah?

Bejamin Button´s story seems closer than ever!!!

Today I found THIS AMAZING ARTICLE that talks about the Turritopsis Nutricula, better known as “The Immortal Jellyfish”!

Turritopsis Nutricula
The Immortal Jellyfish

It´s a really interesting article, in my opinion very well written and easy to read.

Dr. Shin Kubota (photo from NYT)

What I enjoyed the most, is that, somehow, the writer talks about the mystery of life –Where did we come from and why?- through the story of the Japanese scientific  Dr. Shin Kubota (or Mr. Immortal Jellyfish Man) and, of course, the jellyfish itself.

At the same time, it seems to me that Dr. Kubota use science –and the study of jellyfish- to find the meaning of life, to see if it´s possible to understand the mystery.

Here you have one of his super interesting thoughts: “Human beings are so intelligent… (But) before we achieve immortality, we must evolve first. The heart is not good.”

We need to remember that he is dealing everyday with what it seems to be the key to reveal the secret of immortality. He is dedicating his life to it, literally: he is taking care of the jellyfishes, feeding them and even “destroying” them but, OH! they are immortal!


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