Everybody wants to go to heaven, but Nobody wants to die.

Notre Dame.
Light and Darkness.

In this moment, the concept of darkness is inside my life more than ever before. Even though I´m not able to describe it perfectly, inside of me, darkness it´s related with fear and death (fear of death? Patañjali already talked about this).

I never thought much about death as during the last months. I guess seeing my boyfriend suffering for the death of his closest friends in the mountains putted me in a place I never visited before; a place where death is, literally, constantly, around the corner.

What is Death?

It´s funny, as this amazing song says: Everybody wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die!

Sometimes I feel that we are here to learn how to die. To learn how to let go everything and go deeper into the biggest unknown. Into the real unknown.

I genuinely love life. I never felt how attached I am to life until a few months ago… I loooooove to be able to stand up every morning and go out and share my life with people I love and admire, between these amazing mountains in a place full of inspiration and challenges. I love to breathe and practice every day, I love to call my mom, to see my father, brothers and sister.

But I guess I´m starting to understand that nothing has real value if we don´t understand it´s counterpart that is there creating, what we called, balance.

Samsara: The continuous flow.
Samsara: The continuous flow.

They say the wheel of life takes you in and out, up and down until you’re able to see the movement from outside; until that movement doesn´t touch you anymore.

The Mayas saw life like a spiral where everything comes back over and over, and you are able to realize that you are in a similar place, but now, the situation is a little bit more profound and your understanding of it, deeper.

I guess I was quite happy in my spiral, enjoying everything, feeling happy and bless. I don’t know how I created these significant changes in my life, but I guess that when reality expanded itself in less than the time it takes to blink an eye, these questions started to appear and I discovered that the blink was not the essential part; the essential part is the eye behind it.

Does life have a meaning by itself? It seems that we are filling our lives with meanings that make sense to us. In this moment, for me, death makes life valuable. Death is giving a complete new meaning to my life.

I´m not sure if there´s actually a battle out there between Light and Darkness. I´m not even able to clearly defined Light or Darkness. But this is true: every time that the life/death abyss opens in front of me, naturally, I calm myself down and move into my heart. Even though I´m totally alone there, is the warmest place on earth because, trough my breathing, I can connect with the Light, with the divinity inside of me.

It´s good to know that far away in the past, there already was a battle between Darkness and Light. Half of the world knows who won that battle and they spent the last five days celebrating it. In my heart, I was celebrating with them.

Happy Diwali!

Lakshmi, prosperity, value and recognition
Lakshmi, prosperity, value and recognition

EXTRA: Did you know that Obama made an official Happy Diwali greeting during the week? Quoting the Upanishads, he does a little class about what Diwali is and, somehow it´s at least optimistic –and super symbolic– to see a man that has so much power over most of the tremendous situations that the world is living these days, talking about the triumph of good over evil. Does he believes that?

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5 comentarios sobre “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but Nobody wants to die.

  1. My darling Ale:
    You look really like Lakshmi (but more beautiful!).
    Death doesn’t exist, there is only life and different vibrating patterns. Light and Darkness are part of the same whole. When you try to analise one, the other one jumps in, letting you see the first one trough the beauty of contrast. The world is going flipflop all the time, until you see the wheel from outside, with life, Dead, Light, darkness, and all «contradictions» dancing together… Still, Life is a mystery, death is a mystery and even mystery is a tremendous mystery! Enjoy and expand!

  2. I like this one with the irony of Obama at the end. So we call the dark night of the soul, when we are confronted to our own mortality and the ones we love. Intense topic, that we prefer to avoid it in all his depth, my reflection is less luminous than yours Ale. Sometimes experiencing with some plants, we get to the point that we feel like we are about to die, and we are scared to the core, then the trick for me is to ask myself, what is that that is going to die? and accompanied by an alright it’s ok, I’m not afraid anymore, is then when something really estrange happens the whole earthly experience of life and death, transform instantly in one of transcendence of earthlyness and body restriction, and we jump in, the best description available in my brain would be, interdimentional jump where we see the interconnectedness of all, we lost all of what we thought we where but now we experience all without filter and to say that, we are ridiculous in this earth would be the most shareble part of it. Is up to each person to go in this voyages to the unknown and dark to find the source ;).
    Much love to you and all of your beautiful life companions!

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