Where is your heart?

We know that yoga it´s about union.

Union between the body, mind and soul/spirit. Union between your feelings and thoughts. Union between the dualities that make up your life.

Nowadays, we certainly appreciate union. We search for it. We have the feeling that an “integrational” state of being it´s much more valid than a state of division.

Even though I´ve been learning to appreciate division (I already wrote about that), I really would like to be able to feel unity in my life. Feeling unity, for me, means the idea of a luminous feeling of coherence and fluency between all the things that form part of my life.

But wait a minute, is that I´m not feeling it already?

When I start to think about my experiences of everyday life, immediately and naturally, I start to classify them into different “parts” of myself. Did that make me feel good or bad? This is the question that summarizes this idea.

But then, during the actual experience, things were different. There wasn´t  any point where something started or ended. All the time, I was experiencing something like a “flow”, without boundaries or limits. My thoughts were flowing and my emotions were doing the same. Sometimes you don´t feel good or bad. You feel both.

But then again, when the brain wants to take part of that dialog, the boundaries appear and also, sometimes, the incapacity to explain how we are feeling.

Don´t get me wrong, is not that I ONLY want to feel leaving my thoughts behind (I certainly need my brain to be able to walk my path/do my thing in the best way I can), but honestly I want to stay in tuned with my heart. Literally.

A few years ago I learnt this meditation that taught me how to stay connected with my heart rate. It is an important thing to do because when our heart rate it´s a CHAOS the changes in the rhythm doesn´t make too much sense and, in general, this is because we’re under stress, anxiety, anger or depression. And this chaos is nothing more that open doors for our energy to go away.

But then we have the COHERENCE in our heart rate that is when the changes in the rhythm show a quick and regular alternation. This, affect all our systems in a super positive way AND when we´re in coherence, we’re saving energy.

Here you have the MEDITATION:

–       Sit in a comfortable position and place and take a deep, slow breath. All meditations start like this because, when we do this, the parasympathetic nervous system it´s stimulated and we release acetylcholine, reducing the heart rate. It’s like using the natural brake of our body to say to ourselves: Attention.

–       We turn the attention to our chest and heart and we imagine ourselves breathing through the heart.

–       We connect ourselves with the warmth sensation in our chest and we recognize it as the natural rhythm of life and love, with gratitude.

In this manner, we connect ourselves to the heart that is the one who guides the way we want to go and last but not least, we also connect ourselves to the brain,  that allows us to move in that direction in the most intelligent way.

Emotionally intelligents, like connecting ourselves with the brain of our heart and, of course, with the heart of our brain.

Do you want to know more about this? I recommend this video and this book.


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2 thoughts on “Where is your heart?”

  1. Excellent article !! Very interesting and usefull. Yoga as well as Meditation, are important components to make really better our life. I wish everybody have the opportunity to regularly practice this disciplines…

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