Abhyasa, practice.

Yoga is evolving inside of each practitioner all the time. One day you realize something about your body, one day you connect that with your mind and spirit. That’s why is so fundamental to have a stable and conscious practice.

I imagine that something like that happened all the time to great masters like Krishnamacharya and Patthabi Jois. I could see that in mister Iyengar´s indications and he has said that his practice (and therefore, his teaching) is evolving every day.

That’s why I think that the different methods of yoga are evolving every day. It can’t be something static. The seek of perfection it´s open for all of us but we have to remember that, in perfection, you can’t change anything, if you do, perfection it´s gone.

In these videos, the asana practice of Guruji in 1938 was marvelous. How can you see that the practice is evolving? Where do you look at?

Can you see the heart?





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