Duality, unity: the same thing.

I always saw myself as a person with many persons inside of me.

I always thought that the sensation of being composed by many different and –almost all of the time- irreconcilable parts was something that happened to me only (it´s not that I´m schizophrenic, it´s much more simple –or complex- than that), until I realized that it´s something that happened to everyone and that fact, somehow, made me feel better.

When I started my yoga practice 11 years ago, I learnt that the word yoga comes from the root “yuj” that means to join or unite and I thought: Wow, this is going to be interesting!

In Iyengar yoga we divided the body, every time, into littler and littler parts.

At the beginning the instructions are in the arms and legs, then it´s about the joints, bones and muscles, then it´s the flesh and the skin, going deeper and deeper until one day you realize that you are feeling the cells of your body.

Always when I´m  teaching, since I´m the one creating the divisions, I laugh to myself because  it´s kind of funny that this -apparent- contradiction can lead you to realize that you are just one big thing and that, everything is interconnected.

How can this be possible?

From my experience you can´t experience union if you didn´t experience division first. And I can say the same in the opposite way. We have the example of the coin: each coin has two sides and you can´t separate them from each other, otherwise, there won´t be a coin anymore. We can say the same about life and dead / good and evil/ light and darkness. We can say the same about ourselves.

But say something it´s different from experience something. And, for me, this is where yoga helps A LOT. Trough the yoga practice you can experience that FROM division, you have unity. Because one IMPLIES the other. This experience is something that you not just have in your brain but it´s actually happening in your body. You are -from this idea of dividing yourself into different layers going deeper and deeper- developing a new sensibility from outside in until you realize that the layers doesn´t exist anymore.

Everything we know, we can realize it (and appreciate it) because it has an opposite side, but those sides are not divided, just like the coin.

From the awareness of contrast comes the sensation of unity until we realize (not trough the brain but trough the experience), that there´s a point where the opposites not only meet but are the same.

And for me that is breathtaking. And all the “Alejandras” inside of me feels liberated.


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