Talking about monsters, feeling alive and yoga practice.

It is difficult for me to put words in a sensation that feels so clear.

It is about the inspiration that one receives when is surrounded by people doing things that they love. People that is there: trying to conquer their own fears, trying to find their own peace, dealing with the light and the darkness in life.

My brother is a filmmaker.

In his movies he talks a lot about that; about the “fight” that you have to make to be able to feel that you are the owner of your life. It is an artistic way of see something that everyone has experiences at least once in their lives.

When I was a child he told me this history about a guy named “A”.

“A” is waking up every morning and eating breakfast and then going to work. “A” has a regular day at job: answering some letters, making some phone calls, reading some papers –and also the newspaper-, eating lunch and then continue working during the afternoon doing, more or less, the same things.

“A” goes home after work, watches some television, eats something and goes to sleep. He sleeps for eight hours and wake up the next morning to continue in his routine day after day.

But there was this other guy, “B”.

“B” is waking up every morning and eating breakfast and then going to work but just then, he realizes that there is this big monster outside the door of his house. And “B” –that doesn´t know too much about fighting- spends his whole day fighting against this monster trying to defend something that he believes is important and after this, really exhausted, he goes home and eat something and goes to sleep. The day after, “B” goes out and realizes that the monster is still there so again, “B” fights during the whole day, and he does the same the day after that, and during some days after that, until one day the monster is not there anymore.

My brother asked me what kind of life I thought it was the life that I wanted to choose.

This type of life is the one I want to live:


Yoga is teaching me, all the time, how to live in “harmony” with myself. How to accept myself with love while, at the same time, I´m trying to go into a deeper layer of me, further and further, closer to this place called “home”.

My monsters are old habits; behaviors that are inside of me and that I don´t know where they came from. My monsters are my fears. Old “clothes” that I want to be able to throw away to show myself the beautiful new skin underneath.

I´m understanding that, at the end, “home” is just feeling that there is nothing better than just be yourself.

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