You can find pearls everywhere.



The practice of yoga changed completely the way I experienced feelings.

Prashantji describes asana as a linguistic laboratory where we start to understand the language of the mind. Because before our asana practice words like dedication, frustration, devotion, pain, had a completely different meaning. And that is because we actually “experienced” those words in every practice.

In an older post I wrote about how I discovered Ahimsa.

Through Ahimsa we started to experience love.  Love to ourselves, to our body, compassion with our mind. We started to see the others in a different perspective.

During these years of practice I´ve been observing how my relationships changed: my fears were disappearing trough the years. My heart opened.

The thing is that now I feel that I love more than before but, most important, I love better.

As Jodorowsky said:

Empty mind, full heart.


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