Yoga practice or Dancing through an expansive experience.


These days had been crazy. After three weeks in Norway, we drove back to Luleȧ where we stayed for two nights. After one night sleeping at Geneva airport, we are now in Chamonix, France.

When my boyfriend –who is a skier and travels a lot– planned this season, he never thought about finding a girlfriend right in the middle between those mental plans and reality. But here we are, enjoying everything, happy to be together and the plan –that´s now including both of us- is to move from one place to another until September, at least.

If you knew me ten years ago you probably could say that I´ve been changing a lot. My posture, my body but most of all, my personality are different know. I feel different. I have no doubts about it: This is because of my yoga practice.

Prashantji says something really interesting about how the daily practice of asanas is training our mind.

Every day we are there on our mat. It can be rainy or sunny out there, it can be a good day or the worse day of our life. We could feel sick or sad or nervous, in love or happy or we can be there without knowing how we feel. Even though, we are there about to start a new asana practice.  This is training for our minds because we develop neutrality. Prashantji call this the psychology of asanas: they teach us how to stay neutral in front of every mental state. And through this we can understand and experienced that steadiness (sthiratha) and comfort (sukhata) have a completely different nature depending on which asana we are doing but most off all, depending on our inner state that, we know, can change a lot.

If you asked me six months back about my future, I never EVER would answer about all this adventures in completely new places, surrounded by nature, new friends and so much love. I used to think of myself as a person in love with routine, order and quietness. Having a comfortable and very tranquil life in Santiago, I never thought that I could actually enjoy this “volatility”, these movements and changes so much. I feel more alive than ever!

I´m learning so much about myself because I´m constantly exposed to new events, places, languages, people. Everything is new, all the time.

I am a beginner, every day of my life.

Some days I´ve been feeling exhausted because there are so many stimulus out there and I´m processing everything in here –“inner time” feels different-. Some nights I can feel my brain tired because it is not used yet to talk a new language during the whole day. I miss my family and my friends but at the same time I feel grateful and happy. And I see neutrality in there. My mind is not playing a role in that tiredness or sadness, nor even in that happiness. My mind is observing these feelings knowing that they will change sooner or later. It was not like this ten years ago.

Every day I can find new inspiration. It´s beautiful to see me living like this, experiencing in my own skin that everything is open to change. I´m experiencing life as it is: full of colors, energy and changes. Like a dance. And I am happy dancing in the middle of nowhere.



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