Beginners Path.

I took my first yoga class ten years ago. In that moment -with my whole stiff body shaking- I realized I found something really important for my soul, something full of meaning. After then I practiced with different teachers, different methods and in different places. It was in 2007 when I decided to study to be a yoga instructor. And I´ve been teaching Iyengar Yoga since then.

I´ve been doing yoga classes for three days so far here in Magic Mountain Lodge, Lyngseidet, Norway.

The first class was on Tuesday. I was little nervous because of the language thing -my first class in English-. The fact that my students were mostly skiers was something that also made me nervous because they are people who have knowledge about their bodies; they are also pretty strong and –usually- with one or even more injuries.

It was only one hour class, there were eight “students” most of them with cero experience. I prepared a sequence with standing postures, shoulder/arm work and some forward bending with the help of the wall and, of course, savasana.

I felt like a beginner standing there trying to find the correct word/concept. Exactly because of that it was amazing. Everything went well, they were able to feel their bodies and it was a totally different approach to their main work instrument.

It is always very touching to see that the work Guruji has developed during his life always runs so deeply in those who are open to receive it. This openness is, for me, a mix of humbleness, curiosity, respect and joy, the perfect recipe to approach to new places, whether external -in my case- or internal –in the new students place-.

When my boyfriend started his practice he put it in a very clear way, he said: Yoga is like dental floss: I feel really bad when I don´t use it because I know there is still so much shit between my teeth. The same sensation came when I don´t practice.

I think that’s a simple and great description of the feeling that the practice of yoga delivered to our lives because you didn´t know you needed it until you tried it and also –the most important thing for me- this quote reveals that, even when you are a beginner –I wonder if anyone really can feel advance in the yogic path- you can glimpse how deep the practice can take you.



This is me teaching in 2007. Always a beginner.

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